Publishers meet Subscribers

What is pmeets?

pmeets is a service specifically designed for publishers (organisations) to broadcast text and attachments to their subscribers (users) via mobile app messaging.

How it works

Step 1

Administrator types a message and sends it to 3 subscribers.

Step 2

Ken and Irene have the Android and iOS app installed respectively so they receive the message through push notification and reply accordingly.

Step 3

Kim does not have the app installed so she receives the message when she checks her email.

Step 4

Administrator views responses automatically collated by the system with search and sort functions.



Push important information quickly via app notifications. Subscribers want relevant information, fast and you can now deliver it to them.

Track if your message has been read. This helps to measure the effectiveness of your broadcast efforts and improves accountability.

Collate responses automatically. You can request for feedback or conduct simple polls without having to tabulate the responses manually.

Own a mobile presence to strengthen your brand when subscribers see your logo and messages frequently.

Improving personal privacy since responses are not shared between subscribers.

Start using our intuitive portal quickly with minimum training required.


Download and install our apps to receive news and updates from participating organisation.


One app to receive updates from many different organisations

No housekeeping since messages are already grouped by organisation and subject

Report errant organisations and block spam

Amazing service for free, for you

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