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Fequently Asked Questions

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Why do we identify a user via an email address rather than a mobile number?

This allows us to support users on tablets (without SIM card) as well. Since every iOS or Android user must register an email address to access App Store or Google Play, he/she can either use that same email address or get a free account from Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to register this app.

Why would I need pmeets since I can use group chats in other messaging apps like WhatsApp or LINE?

Having designed pmeets from scratch, we made it into an effective broadcasting tool capable of:
handling more than 100 subscribers in a single broadcast
transferring many file types
tracking and collating individual response
improving personal privacy since responses are not shared between subscribers

Not everyone has a smartphone.

With smartphone penetration rate at 87% in Singapore (Nielsen, 2013), most of your subscribers are likely using smartphones. This trend will definitely increase. That said, for your minority subscribers without smartphones, pmeets can still reach them via email.

Anything else to note?

All publishers must adhere to the Singapore Spam Control Act and our terms of service.

An organisation keeps sending me spam messages! What should I do?

Please notify us via and we will proceed to block him.

Any other measures to help protect subscribers interests?

All participating publishers are required to adhere to the Singapore Spam Control Act. Let us know if a publisher crosses the line and we will investigate accordingly.

Why do I get the error AUTHENTICATION_FAILED during registration?

This is not related to the app. It is due to a sign in error for your Google account on your device, which can happen if you recently changed your Google account password. Try keying in your password again.

Why do I encounter error in registration?

Check under Settings - Notification Centre that PMEETS app is listed under 'INCLUDE'. If PMEETS is listed under 'DO NOT INCLUDE', click on it and turn on 'Show in Notification Centre' under ALERTS. Go back to app and try to register again.