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Set up SMS2Email Buddy on Samsung A10s running Android 9 Team Maven

Posted on 22 October 2019 at 4:30pm

If you are using SMS2Email Buddy or PigeonHole app for the first time, please read our app introduction first.

You have to configure these 3 settings for the app to work:

  1. Gmail - enable “less secure app” so that the app can log in to your Gmail account to send out an email (of your incoming SMS) to your recipients
  2. App - turn on permissions, configure Gmail sender and recipients
  3. Phone - set up the app to run properly in the background (without this step, forwarding stops working after a while and Android reports multiple app crashes)


Launch Gmail app
Tap Settings
Tap your gmail account
Tap “Manage your Google Account”
Tap “Security” tab, scroll down to the “Less secure app access” section and turn it on


You must enable all permissions once you install the app. Go to Settings > App > SMS2Email Buddy > Permissions and turn on all permissions
Launch the app and tap OPTIONS. Key in a Username, Email and tap Register. You will see a timestamp if registration is successful
Under Sender Email, enter your Gmail Address and Password
Go to Configurations > Recipient 1 > Email Address and key in a recipient email address
Send a Test email. You should see "Test email sent successfully..." if all goes well


Go to Settings > Device care > Battery > 3 vertical dots > “Settings”
Turn off “Put unused apps to sleep” and “Auto disable unused apps”
Go back to Settings > Apps > SMS2Email Buddy > Battery > Optimise battery usage
Turn off SMS2Email Buddy

The steps are the similar for PigeonHole. Get in touch with us if you have any queries.