The numbers and graph in this page are computed from spreadsheets constructed with MOH data. Due to the lack of details from 20 Apr onwards, the contents in this page are now outdated and are provided only as a reference. Please refer to the sources for the latest updates. An earlier version of this page is available here.



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  • Hang on, some numbers do not tally with MOH

    A lot of work has been put in to verify the data. Sometimes I spot discrepancies and I try to clarify them with MOH or even The Straits Times (shoutout to Timothy) and TODAY (shoutout to Jun Sen). I understand MOH is very tied up and might take a while to respond. In the meantime, these are the highlights:

    • MOH has stated that the cause of death for case #1604 is not due to COVID-19 infection and they have classified the case under "Discharged" as highlighted in the amended "9 Apr Situation Report". This change is also applied in this page.
    • Queries pending cases in these clusters: Westlite Toh Guan, Cochrane II, Project Glory, Mustafa Centre, S11 Dormitory, Battery Road, Sungei Kadut Loop

    Let me know via the contact form if you spot something else. Appreciate it.