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SMS2Email Buddy and PigeonHole AndroidTM Apps

Thank you for your interest in our SMS2Email Buddy or PigeonHole app.

Before you proceed to download and install the app, we would like to give you a quick introduction. This app was launched back in 2011 (Coverage: New York Post). What it does is simple; each time you receive an incoming SMS, the app login to a Gmail account of your choice (i.e the sender) with a given password and sends an email comprising of that SMS content, to selected recipients.

Sometime in 2015 however, this method of using a password "by an app" to log into Gmail accounts was deemed insecured so Google now requires account holders to explicitly enable the "allow less secure app" setting. Without this step, the app is unlikely to work. Hence, we recommend that you create a separate Gmail account solely for this app, enable that setting and just let it run. Once done, the app should continue working without intervention.

Going forward, if Google decides to introduce new measures, this method might no longer work. If it does, we want to let you know. That is why we request that you register this app with an email address so that we can keep you informed. Fortunately to date, we never had the need to send out any announcement. Also for PigeonHole users, we will send you activation information via the registration email address.

One important point that we cannot emphasise enough is that we do not keep your password or SMS in our server. They are stored only in your phone and used when it is time to deliver your emails.

To conclude, the app works but it takes a few extra steps to set things up. If you are keen to follow through, please read on:

As always, you can drop us a line if you have any queries.

Team Maven

Updated 7 Sep 2018

Recently, our apps were removed from Google Play due to Google claiming that we violated the SMS/Call Log policy. For our side of the story, please refer to our FAQ.

You can still download and install SMS2Email Buddy for use.