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SMS2Email Buddy and PigeonHole AndroidTM Apps


We encourage you to follow these guidelines when using these apps to minimise your risks:

  • Consider creating a separate Gmail address as the sender. That way, even if this account is compromised, your other Gmail accounts are still safe.
  • Do not connect to the public wifi to prevent hackers from sniffing your credentials.
  • This might not be applicable but if you are using the app as a means to backup your personal SMS, try entering Gmail addresses as recipients so that the emails are not forwarded externally. According to [Google, March 2016], emails sent from Google to Hotmail, iCloud are 100% encrypted (Yahoo and AOL are 99.99%) so entering recipient(s) from these domains should also be secured.
  • If you do unfortunately lose your phone, quickly change the passwords of senders in these apps. For that matter, do also change the passwords of any services (e.g. email, ecommerce, etc.) you have previously accessed on your phone.