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SMS2Email Buddy and PigeonHole AndroidTM Apps

Setup Guide

1. Download and install the app.
2. If you are using a device with Android 6.0 or later, enable all permissions under Settings > Application manager > SMS2Email Buddy > Permissions.
3. Register the app:
  • Ensure Internet connectivity
  • Tap Options
  • Key in order number (PigeonHole users only), any username and email address
  • Tap Register
4. Add a Gmail Address and Password under Options - Sender Email.
5. Add a recipient under Options > Configurations > Recipient 1 > Email Address.
6. Send a test email under Options > Test. If you receive a message "Error sending test email:null", please see Google Help to resolve authentication failure. Most likely, you will need to enable the option "allow less secure apps" to allow the app to access your sender account.
7. If you still encounter error in the test, it may be due to Google blocking your device from accessing your sender account especially if the device has not been used before. Look for an email from Google and follow the instructions to unblock it.
8. For further queries or issues, please contact us via email.
1. Why did Google remove SMS2Email Buddy from Google Play?

Google says we violate the SMS/Call Log policy.

Since late 2018, we have been liaising with Google support. Our app needs the "receive SMS" permission to achieve its core functionality - forward incoming SMS to email - so we request to add this use case to the list of exceptions. With only templates replies that do not address our queries, the deadline eventually passes and our app is removed.

Our app is not unique; there are many similar apps still on Play. Google has not provided a convincing explanation and we object to this inconsistency.

We have always been upfront to our users about our app permissions. We never store any SMS or passwords on our server and we have never misused our users' data in any way.

2. Why do I get a notification "Record not inserted! Please check registration"?
You have to register the app first before using it:
  • PigeonHole users, under Options, Key in your Order Number (e.g. Google Checkout, etc.), Username and Email of your choice, Tap Register
  • SMS2Email Buddy users, under Options, Key in Username and Email of your choice, Tap Register
3. Why do I need to register to use the app?
We store your username and email address when you register so that we can keep you updated of important announcements (e.g. email forwarding failure due to Google changing SMTP settings, etc.). In addition, for PigeonHole (paid) users, we notify you via this email when your account is ready. SMS and password are only stored locally in your phone and not in our server.
4. I've purchased PigeonHole but why do I get Error <101> Order number not found during registration?
If you just made your purchase, please allow some time for the payment to be processed. We will notify you via the registration email (under options) when your account is activated. Appreciate your patience and understanding.
5. Why can't I install PigeonHole on multiple phones?
PigeonHole app is licensed to run only on a single phone. This is to prevent unauthorised usage and loss of revenue. For business use, please purchase additional licenses. For personal use, let us know if you change your phone so that we can issue a new order number to you.
6. Why do I get a notification "Error sending email:Unknown SMTP host:"?
Please ensure connectivity to the Internet. The app will continue to try and forward your emails as long as the retry attempts are not maximised. By default the retry interval is 10 mins for a maximum of 50 attempts.
7. I am using a Xiaomi phone and I encountered missing SMS after a while. What should I do?
Please perform the following steps where applicable and reboot your phone:
  • Accept the app; Go to Phone settings > config > app installed > pigeonhole > authorisation management
  • Allow app to run in the background; Go to Device settings -> Additional settings -> Battery & performance -> Manage apps battery usage -> Power saving mode and turn it off
  • Allow app to auto run upon start; Open Security app -> Permissions -> Autostart -> PigeonHole and turn it on
Many thanks to Ronald Najar (France) for helping us out with the tests!
8. I am using a Huawei phone and I encountered missing SMS after a while. What should I do?
You have to allow the app to run in the background. Go to Settings > Protected App and select PigeonHole app. Reboot your phone.
9. What does Wifi Reconnect do?
It helps to reconnect to your preferred network when you are in range. We discovered this well known problem when we did our reliability test: We left our phone unattended and it was connected to Wifi with settings "Wifi Never Sleeps". The problem surfaced when we turned off and on our modem. For some reasons, the phone didn't connect to the Wifi automatically so the emails were not forwarded successfully. Hence we added this reconnect feature, which also helps to save costs as compared to using a Mobile connection to Internet.

If forwarding stops after a couple of hours or days, it is likely the app has been terminated by the Android OS while running in the background. Refer to FAQ 6 or 7 if you are using a Xiaomi or Huawei phone. Refer to our blog - set up SMS2Email Buddy on Samsung A10s running Android 9 - for more information that could help.

The following phones have been tested and found to be unsuitable:

Nokia 2Patriot (Ukarine)
Philips w832Oleg Stepanov (Russia)