Snail Award

Punggol Road - TPE Junction [Towards Sengkang] wins the first Snail Award

Posted on Mon, 26 Feb 2018

I made some changes to the Stats Page. Every month, we will be able to see the top 5 most congested spots ranked by Traffico and insights of the champion.

Results of Jan 2018 are shown below.

Top 5 congested roads in Singapore for january 2018 Top 5 most congested spots ranked by Traffico

Punggol road towards Sengkang is snail award champion of january 2018 Insights of the champion

Yes, no surprises there. In fact, spots along Punggol Road hold the top four of five positions. Salute!

What made Punggol Road such a winner is the good mix of weekday and weekend congestions. I predict spots along Punggol Road will remain as top contenders for a while until the new road to Punggol Central opens in Q3 2019 (source: LTA). If you think there’s a worthy contender out there, let me know and I will try to add it into the race.