About Traffico

Traffico is short for Traffic Observer. It monitors bus arrival times to infer traffic conditions.


Hello. My name is Sing Tat. I use bus apps to check bus arrival times. Occasionally, I miss the bus by a few seconds or I end up waiting a couple of minutes more. Curious, I analysed the bus arrival times available at LTA DataMall to look for clues.

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In summary, I found some explanations but interestingly, I also found a way to calculate the estimated time taken by buses to travel between stops. Using these data and adding some algorithms, I am able to build Traffico.

Developers who are keen to determine the speed of traffic along roads should also check out LTA’s Traffic Speed Band API, which I am using for Traffico+.

Does it work

In general it works but it is not perfect. The system also takes a bit of time to react because there's some averaging done to minimise the reporting of false congestions due to bus bunching or commuters taking more time than usual to get on and off buses.



  • Add another source to your traffic updates and better plan your route


  • Smart Nation Initiatives: Innovative use of existing assets - buses run on predefined routes and periodic schedules so they are ideal 'probes'
  • Urban Planning: Use historical data to identify traffic hotspots and patterns (e.g. , unexplained bursts of congestion, etc.)
  • Preemptive Maintenance: Monitor traffic conditions in major and minor roads for anomaly (e.g. faulty traffic light operating sequence)
  • Leverage traffic profile to perform tasks (e.g. ) more efficiently and effectively


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Terms of use

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Project Traffico, an ambitious new traffic tracking database, is using bus arrival times to chart patterns and collect data on the busiest roads in Singapore.