Introducing Traffico+

Posted on Fri, 8 Jun 2018     Updated on Wed, 11 Mar 2020

Due to the lack of source data, Traffico+ is no longer available.

Recently, I have been working on another tool that displays traffic conditions. The main difference between Traffico and Traffico+ is the data source. Although both of them rely on open source data, Traffico uses data derived from bus arrival times while Traffico+ uses data from the Speed Band API. The latter has the potential to show traffic conditions across any road and is not restricted to bus routes. However, from my limited knowledge (and LTA is welcomed to comment), it appears that buses are not one of the sources of data for the Speed Band API so technically, I could add data from Traffico (where applicable) to complement it.

While web services showing traffic conditions (e.g. Google Maps, OneMap, etc.) are very extensive, I find them a little too cumbersome to use on the go. In Traffico+, I try to strike a balance by focusing on a set of pre-defined routes so that you can quickly view the data you need. You can also bookmark pages for easy retrieval. Data is updated every 5 mins between 6am to 11pm from the following sources:

  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)