Punggol road - TPE junction traffic profile

Punggol Road - TPE Junction

Posted on Mon, 23 Oct 2017

This is the reason why I started Traffico in the first place - to better understand the traffic conditions along Punggol Road - TPE junction. Map

I have collected some samples of the weekdays profile (9 to 13 October) as shown below.

Towards Punggol

Towards Sengkang

Here are some samples of the weekends profile.

Towards Punggol

Towards Sengkang

At this point, we have a simple table regarding the traffic profile along Punggol Road - TPE Junction.

Into Punggol Out of Punggol
Morning Smooth Smooth Heavy Smooth
Afternoon Smooth Heavy Smooth Heavy
Evening Heavy Slow Heavy Heavy

Traffic Profile of Punggol Road - TPE Junction

I found it a bit surprising that traffic is heavy going out of Punggol on weekdays evenings. It could be due to patrons leaving food establishments at Punggol Settlement or Tebing Lane. The table also explains why I don't really hear the sound of car horns on weekends mornings.

The traffic conditions are likely to improve once the constructions of the major roads in Punggol are completed. Till then, you might wanna avoid the peak hours or you can consider taking Punggol Way into Punggol.